A successful event is one that is worth remembering.

We work for the senses

gorroWe specialise in creating unique events. There are many companies that organise events that are certainly very good. They can organise large concerts, conventions for companies and well-organised mass events. At The Kitchen we prefer to work with smaller groups. No more than one hundred people.

We prepare, coordinate and set up unique events. Experiences for holding any kind of event: business meetings, parties, cocktail parties, show cooking, receptions or theme dinners. From a clandestine event to a sophisticated Japanese dinner.

We handle everything so that you can enjoy yourself and spend the time with your guests.


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chat2Whatever your budget may be. Whether you are a company or an individual, we will adapt to the specific circumstances of each project. There is always a good experience for every budget.

Full Time

iPhone1We are available at anytime. After office hours, you can find two cell phone numbers on our 'contact' page to call us anytime, even on public holidays.

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